1. Offers and agreements:
  • All offers shall be without obligation, except when they contain a specific deadline. 
  • An agreement shall only be concluded upon expressed acceptance of the order on the part of the seller.

2. Prices:
  • The purchase prices of the goods offered are displayed in the online shop, and the seller shall be obliged to deliver the goods in accordance with such prices.
  • All prices are inclusive of packaging and shipping costs; there are no additional charges.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT. 
  • All prices are indicated in euros, unless a different currency is specified in the online shop/offer and on the invoice.

3. Delivery and time of delivery:
  • The seller shall be obliged to deliver the agreed quantity, unless force majeure necessitates a reduction in quantity.
  • The seller shall be required to notify the buyer of any situation of force majeure with immediate effect and shall then be entitled to deliver a smaller quantity. 
  • Unless expressly agreed otherwise, any specified delivery time shall never be deemed to be an essential deadline.
  • Delivery shall occur through DHL. Orders placed on working days before 12:00 p.m. will be dispatched the same day and will as a general rule arrive at their destination the next morning.
  • Orders received on Saturdays and Sundays will not be delivered until the following TUESDAY.
  • Delivery on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays is unfortunately not possible at this time.
  • It is the buyer’s obligation to provide the correct and complete delivery address. Should the buyer’s incorrect or incomplete provision of address details lead to loss of quality as a result of delayed delivery, or should delivery fail altogether, the seller reserves the right to still charge the full purchase price.
  • In the event the buyer fails to collect the ordered products at the agreed place and time, he shall bear any risk of quality loss which may arise due to storage. The ordered products will be stored at his disposal, at his risk and expense. 
  • The seller reserves the right not to fulfil any order if the buyer has failed to effect payment for any previous delivery within the agreed term of payment. The seller shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the buyer resulting from such non-delivery. The seller shall inform the buyer of any non-delivery upon receipt of the buyer’s order.

4. Force majeure:
  • 'Force majeure' means any involuntary condition preventing the seller from fulfilling, wholly or partly, its obligations to the buyer.  Those conditions include war, risk of war, strikes, fire, extraordinary weather conditions or government measures.
  • In the event of force majeure, following consultation with the buyer the seller shall be entitled to suspend delivery until such time as the situation of force majeure ceases to exist.

5. Quality:
  • Any products that are to be delivered must comply with the customary quality standards and government phytosanitary regulations for floricultural products.

6. Packaging:
  • The seller uses disposable packaging for its roses; the buyer will not be charged any packaging costs.

7. Complaints:
  • Any complaint pertaining to a visible defect in products that are delivered must be communicated to the seller immediately (within 12 hours) via email or telephone.
  • Any complaint pertaining to a hidden defect in products that are delivered must be communicated to the seller immediately (within 24 hours) via email or telephone.
  • Both types of complaint shall include at the very least: 1. a detailed and accurate description of the defect, 2. several photographs. The description and photographs are to be submitted by email.
  • Any complaint pertaining to part of the delivered products shall not constitute grounds for the rejection of the entire delivery in question.

8. Payment (method of payment at the seller’s discretion):
  • The seller accepts the following methods of payment:
  • 1. Delivery against an authorised direct debit with a Dutch bank. The buyer is requested to complete the direct debit form, which can be found under ORDERS AND DELIVERY in the field ‘Methods of payment‘.
  • 2. Delivery on account: buyers are offered the option to order on account. Orders are delivered only if all previous deliveries have been paid in full.

Our invoices are due net (without deduction) within eight days from the date of invoice.

An invoice shall not be deemed paid until Princess Roses has actual access to the amount. In the event of default, Princess Roses reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 6%. Cheques are not accepted by Princess Roses as a method of payment.