Our roses and packaging materials are produced in conditions that comply with strict standards of fairness. Fair to people and fair to the planet. Only natural, as far as we are concerned. It therefore goes without saying that we possess all appropriate internationally recognised certifications.


FAIRTRADE is a consumer label that certifies our roses are cultivated in a sustainable and socially responsible way. For all FAIRTRADE roses bought from us, Princess Roses pays a premium to the nurseries’ Joint Body. The workers, the union and the grower (owner) are represented in the Joint Body, which decides in which social projects the FAIRTRADE premium funds will be invested. www.fairtrade.net

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance seal ensures that products coming from rainforest zones meet comprehensive standards related to working conditions, the environment and nature conservation. This certificate demonstrates that our production process meets the strict requirements necessary for protecting the well-being of our workers and the environment and that no harm is caused to the rainforest. www.rainforest-alliance.org

Fair Flowers Fair Plants

Flowers and plants originating from growers that meet the highest environmental and labour standards receive the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label. These standards relate to working conditions, hygiene and safety, among other things. www.fairflowersfairplants.com


The MPS-GAP certificate guarantees that we meet strict safety, sustainability and traceability standards. www.my-mps.com


The MPS Socially Qualified certification guarantees that our products are cultivated in good working conditions and that we meet strict health, safety and terms of employment requirements. www.my-mps.com


The FlorEcuador certification is an Expoflores/Ecuador initiative. This internationally recognised certificate guarantees that we comply with high social standards in our nurseries. A fundamental condition for certification is that flower production does not involve child labour. www.flordelecuador.org